What skin care routine should I do and why?

Three main steps

Think of your skin-care routine as consisting of the three main steps:

  1. Cleansing – Washing your face and exfoliate
  2. Toning – Balancing the skin and minimise the pores
  3. Moisturising – Hydrating and softening the skin / In the summer I would recommend to use moisturiser with SPF to avoid sun damage.

Why do we have to use SPF moisturisers in the summer?

Many of us forget to use SPF moisturisers in the summer, UV rays can cause skin cancer and damage to our skin tissue. Ultraviolet light damages your skin and causes sunburn. Over long period of time these rays can lead to wrinkles and dark spots. Simply by not using sun protection you will add few years to your looks. Research have shown that ultraviolet exposure is the main reason behind 80% of your skin ageing.


What is environmental damage and how to protect our skin from it?

Whether you are indoors or outside, your skin could be affected by the environment. From Ultra-violet rays to blue light and air-pollution, these environmental factors work by creating oxidative damage to the skin, in simple words it will damage the collagen production which keeps us looking young and may cause serve to damage the barrier function to the skin. “If the skin barrier is damaged the skin becomes more prone to the ill effects of the ultra-violet damage” stays Jennifer Chwalek, MD, a dermatologist at Union Square laser Dermatology New York City.


Ultra-Violet Rays – The best way to protect your skin from Ultra-Violet rays is to use sunscreen Daily even when is cloudy, as the UV rays can penetrate the clouds and damage your skin.

Blue Light – Protecting your skin from blue light can be little tricky at times but try to look for product which contains ‘red algae’ which is designed to protect against harmful blue light.

Pollution – Was your face twice a day with anti pollution cleanser to was away daily buildup of dirt and grime.

What moisturisers are the best for me ?

Type of moisturiser depends of your combination of the skin.

Skin Type

  • Dry skin – Avoid using drying soaps and look for clensers which are rich in moisture . Your skin needs a lot of moisture look for oily moisturisers and avoid any product that contains Alcohol. Alcohol will dry your skin even more.
  • Combination skin – Look for Oil-Balancing cleanser. Moisturiser should be water based, non oily moisturisers will help to keep your skin looking matt rather than shiny.
  • Normal skin – Look For Cleansers for normal skin type, your skin need just basic moisture. If you use heavy moisturisers your skin might appear too shiny.
  • Oily skin – Look For Cleansers for oily skin these cleansers will help you to keep your skin shine free throughout the day and get rid of excess oil in your pores. Gel Moisturisers will be the best option here as they won’t clog your pores and keep your skin shine free.

Mens skin care routine is exactly the same!
Guys be a modern man and take care of your self!

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